Custom Software Development: What It Means And What It Entails

The modern market is highly demanding and customers’ requirement is as dynamic as the constant market shifts. For this reason customisation is in high demand. Custom software development is a challenging task, as it requires building up of new modules on the already developed structures ensuring other modules are not impacted as all of them are tightly coupled. We are providing services for software development since 1989 and comprise of people who have huge industry experience, therefore, customer satisfaction is a guarantee.

custom software development

The field of technology is ever evolving. New technologies are introduced frequently. For industries, this means up-gradation from the current industry specific, customized application to applications based on the latest technology. We help in custom software development as per the current market to stay ahead. Complete software development service is provided right from requirement gathering, to design, development, testing along with support and maintenance of the software post completion. Our expertise and experience lies in many domains including, but not limited to, healthcare, retail, banking and finance, media and entertainment.

The custom software development service provides various benefits. Some of them are as follows:

·        Built on the comprehensiveness and requirement of the client.

·        User friendly, also provides exclusiveness to the business.

·        The cost of management, maintenance and supports is low in the long run.

·        Operational productivity is improved due to streamlined process.

·        The security provided by custom application is superior to the security provided by the commercial products which are used by several businesses.

·        Perfect solutions with fewer complications

We have a huge list of long-term, satisfied clients that speaks in itself the confidence which clients have in us. One of them is a $ 2.2 billion multinational, functional in several countries across the globe, focussing on the improving health and environment. We also have over 10 years of experience in security software development along with IBM. With the advent of Internet, we are aware of the security threat that is constantly growing. But we have strong presence in the field of security as we work along with IBM for Security Intelligence. We also have launched anti-fraud solution for banking. All the work keeps us updated and provide assurance to our customer that the applications are secure against any threat.

A good customised software application requires close communication and constant interaction between clients and service providers. With over 26 years of experience, we are reliable and careful in understanding each and every aspect of the demand and ensure correct transmission of the same. We are bound to provide quality services in each phase of the development right from requirement analysis till software support and maintenance.

We understand the time constraint associated with each project and we are never behind deadlines. A NDA signing initiates the process. Short span of time is taken in setting up a small team dedicated to the project which increases as per requirements over time. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we constantly aim to do achieve it.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Raleigh SEO Service

How do you choose the best Raleigh SEO service that will get your websites or ecommerce business to the top of the Raleigh local market and even globally? Using a professional SEO company can present various challenges. While the principles and techniques of SEO are the practically the same, different companies will achieve different results based on their approaches. Some are thus more successful in getting you to the top than others.

But there are risks, too, that you will have to grapple with when you are looking for a professional Raleigh SEO service. For example, while some companies will go out of their way in incorporating ethical “white hat” SEO techniques to get you the top, some companies employ very unethical practices in order to cut down on the costs and the hard work needed to reach the top and as a result, may take you to the top over the short term but will most certainly dim your prospects over the long term.

You rankings will drop rapidly and you will virtually disappear from the search engine results pages as the search engine penalties take a toll on your rankings. So the first step to successful SEO must involve choosing the best SEO Raleigh company that does the heavy lifting and employs best practices to get you the best rankings. But how do you find the best SEO service in Raleigh for your needs? Here are some useful questions that you should be asking your prospective Raleigh SEO service provider before you engage their services:-

What do they think of your site’s profile?

It is important that they give you an overview or quick analysis of how your website’s on-site, off-site, content and link profile. What have you been doing wrong? A good SEO professional will be able to offer you quick and brief advice about your website’s ranking profile.

What changes will your website require?

They need to know the kind of changes that will be made on your website and you need to inquire whether these changes will be noticeable. Generally, these will include both on-site as well as off-site changes on the website. This may include a subtle inclusion of certain keywords on the web page and even some changes on your website’s meta data.

What is their link-building approach?

Developing a good link profile for your website is very important so you need to inquire about the SEO company’s link-building strategy. How will they develop additional links to your website? How can they guarantee that the links added will be of the highest quality and will not risk the reputation of your website? How are they are going to ensure a balanced link profile for your website?

Any portfolios

A good SEO company must have a good portfolio of companies that it has optimized websites for and with measurable results. Ask them to point you to a portfolio of their work and determine if the company has been successful and in making those businesses rank with the short and highly competitive keywords.

Any targets

What volume of traffic and search rankings can they expect after the website optimization? Ask them to give you a reasonable estimate as well as the time-frame within which you can begin seeing more tangle results. Generally, results should become more apparent three months after the optimization. If your website has been grossly underperforming, then the results will be even more apparent if hired a professional Raleigh SEO service with the right expertise.

What keyword phrases will they target?

Professional SEO services generally know the right sets of SEO keywords to target in order to give you the best rankings in the SERPs. They should be able to identify the core segments of the market and let you know of the most competitive areas from their keyword research of your niche.

These are some of the considerations that you will be looking at when you are shopping for professional SEO in Raleigh North Carolina but there are numerous other important considerations. For example, who will be in charge of the SEO? How many members will be in the team handling your website SEO? How long have they been in the industry and so forth. Good due diligence before hiring a Raleigh SEO service will always give you a good advantage and better results for your business. For more information, please visit at chase marketing solutions.

Increase your website’s visibility with the right SEO company

Getting traffic to a website is a daunting task. Only a professional company knows the modalities to get good rankings on a search engine, such as Google. Unless a website owner chooses the right seo service, the business could get lost in the labyrinth of algorithms. If you do business in Australia, consider taking professional help from an seo company Brisbane based, where a strategy can be formulated to get good rankings.

Looking for cyber visibility?

People rush to begin online business, which adds to the visibility of the company. There are many search engine optimisation companies ready to help them. This is a new opening and in this line, there are young enthusiastic entrepreneurs who lend their expertise. It is interesting to note that these companies have experienced professionals with the required abilities to get traffic to any customer’s website. They can get return on investment and make a site work business wise. Today, in Australia, where almost every business conducts trade online, it is best to get in touch with an seo company Brisbane based, which can offer a slew of digital services.

How you can choose the right service provider?

One must know the criterion for selection among the numerous search engine optimization agencies. What kind of service could any seo company extend locally in Brisbane? The vast range of services of a unique seo company Brisbane based will showcase its ability for clients to better dealings on the web. They will provide website optimization, link building, link baiting, social media marketing, competitive back link analysis, keyword trackers and best ranking on several search engines. Now, the social media marketing has become the fastest way to learn about almost anything. Even political campaigns are being tracked via such methods. Networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are integral to professional and personal lives. But it is only with the help of the seo firm, one can establish a reputable digital platform on such sites. These sites are generally open to bouquets and brickbats constantly. Right from celebrities to corporates, politicians and advertising agencies, the media is wide open. It is one of the brilliant ways to connect with the masses all at one go. With blogs, articles, and public relations on sites such as Stumbleupon, Reddit, and Facebook, there are successful ways to bring business on top of your competitor.

Work with experienced professionals

It is always preferred to hire an experienced and specialized seo company as they have helped many verticals to flourish online. The mode of the campaign depends upon the marketing strategy, which can be paid advertorial process or organic search engine method. A specialized company should provide the tested and successful guidelines.  This will ensure an increase in the list of clients. Cyberspace is as social media, and another efficient method of producing wide links. A good company is capable of making a wide coverage through social media. All search engine optimisation agencies need to give a proven track record to their potential clients. Reputed firms lend link-building services by yielding directory, articles and PPC modes.

Why Local SEO is Important for Your Local Business

Building that nice and elegant website is only the beginning of the journey when it comes to online marketing. You still have to grapple with the hard part of getting the traffic to your website and then converting this traffic into sales so your online marketing efforts will be relevant. Local SEO is what will give you local relevance and help you attract your most immediate buying customers. It is important to contract a professional local SEO company who can craft a winning strategy that helps you target this all important market for your online rankings.

Local search engine optimization is important if your business is serving a particular location along with the surrounding areas, rather than a global undefined market. It is thus important to ensure that your web page is optimized locally. This is especially important if you are running a brick and mortar business and you are in a location where you expect people to find you easily on Google and also visit you in your location. There are many kinds of businesses which can benefit from the services of a local SEO company such as salons, massage parlours, restaurants, cafes, jewelry shops, fashion stores, bookshops, computer and phone repairs shops amongst many others.

What Does Local SEO Entail

Local search engine optimization generally entails optimizing your business website for the local market so that you will capture the most relevant search traffic. The most important thing about local SEO is to let Google know where you are located. Ensure that you have gotten your location into your website’s meta content and in the title tags.  It is also vital to ensure that this is included in the content on your web pages along with the footer of your website. This must be done carefully without stuffing keywords to avoid penalties by the search engines. It is always advisable to contract a local SEO company to do this to ensure that it is done right.

There are other important steps that you can undertake in order to ensure that the customers on your doorstep are able to easily find you on Google and on other leading search engines.You should create a Google Places listing for your website and ensure that it is optimized for the search engines.

After creating the Google Places listing, you can add details such as the name of the business, the business address, and the phone number. Now you replicate these details in all the important online business directories, including those in your locality and even on social channels such as Facebook and Twitter. When listing this information in the various directories, make sure that you always add the same listing information.

Apart from swapping your business contacts with the search engines, it is also important to get your customers review your business. This is another important feature of local SEO. When you have a large number of top quality reviews on your Google Places page, you will be seen as a trusted business and your authority in the local search rankings will begin to rise. Always ask your happy customers to post reviews for you on your Google Places pages.

When you are done with the optimization of your website with some key local phrases as well as the local information, give it a few weeks for the local SEO benefits to begin taking effect, so that you can begin seeing a rise in high-quality local traffic. When it comes to the local SEO, Google will prioritize those business websites which are closest to the user and also close to the search terms the user entered.

To get your business on a solid footing, you can contract a professional Raleigh web design company to help you succeed in the local search market. For more details, visit here: chase marketing solutions.

Ways to Develop an App Idea

Are you struggling with coming up with a new app idea that could take off in the next few weeks and be a roaring success? Many struggle with this stage where you have to come up with a winning concept. App developers can help you brainstorm and come up with interesting ideas but the original concept for the app must come from you. If you are having a hard time coming up with a suitable idea that app builders can run away with to develop for you a killer app, here are some important tips that you can incorporate in order to build on your app idea:


Before embarking on app development, it is needed to carry out a thorough research of your market niche in order for you to determine what is already out there. This will also give you an idea on the best apps to develop. Your app is only going to be successful if it is unique and offers people a new way of doing things in a simpler way. You might think you have come up with an interesting and unique idea for your app while in the real world there are probably over 100 apps with similar functionality. Research is very important in that it helps you get some perspective and insight into the market that you want to build the app for.

Even if you find an app that is already doing what you have envisioned, it is not really the end of the world. You can still run the idea but figure how to make the app perform better. When it comes to app development, it is not about who launches their app first, but who executes the app in the best way and offers users what they really need. When performing research for the app, it is also needed to determine the market potential of the app.

Have a Storyboard

Once you have had the light bulb moment when it comes to the app conceptualization, it is now time to put your ideas to paper and develop a storyboard before presenting your concept to the app developers.  When doing this, it is important that you put yourself in the shoes of the user and imagine how they would use the app. Mobile app developers generally have powerful design tools that can assist you build a storyboard and a concept for the app that you are planning to roll out to the market.

There are many advantages of creating the storyboard when it comes to the application development Brisbane projects. For one, the storyboard helps you in building the concept for the app. When you are trying to recruit investors or venture capitalists in order to fund your app development, you will have something to show them. The storyboard for the app will also give your development team some guidance in how you can proceed with the app development.

Have a Business Plan

Once you are done with your research and the storyboard, it is now time to develop the business plan for the app. Remember that building the app is only the beginning, you must decide how you are going to push it to the market and identify those who will bring it best to your intended clients.

Photocopier Repairs: Tips to Choose the Right Service Providers

A photocopier is very crucial to the operations of an office. Business can practically halt if the photocopier breaks down. Just imagine if it breaks once every week; this translates to four days in a month and 48 days in a year. Such a loss is very significant when it comes to business. You need to make sure that your photocopier is in proper condition at all times. This can only be achieved by partnering with the right photocopier repairs service provider. A competent photocopier repairer will be available to repair your machine whenever need arises and have the right equipment and expertise to do the work efficiently. You have other machines in your office; the repairer should also have skills in repairing printers, fax machines and other equipment. This article provides some guideline to assist you in selecting the right photocopier repairs service provider.

Physical location

Photocopiers, printers, and fax machines can break down unexpectedly. You need to choose photocopiers and printers services near your workplace. You might think you have found the perfect and cheapest photocopier repair services in Sydney but their advantage is watered down if they are too far from you. Simply look for the best services near you.


You want to deal with a reliable and professional partner. Check their testimonials to verify their reputation. Do clients give positive feedback about their services or are reviews full of complaints? You may also ask for a few telephone numbers of past and current customers. When you call, make sure you ask for the repairer’s competency, availability and integrity.

Availability of parts

The photocopier repairs services will also entail servicing of the machines. Your repairer needs to have stocks of essential parts. This will prevent scenarios where they arrive, inspect the machine and inform you that the parts are only available in the furthest part of Australia or in another part of the globe. The scenario is simply unimaginable. Double check the availability of parts.

Repair guarantee

A reputable photocopier repair provider is willing to guarantee his work. If they guarantee their work for six months, for instance, will they fix a fault that occurs before the period lapses? If yes, will they charge you any amount of money? Most of the time, companies that offer guarantees tend to do excellent work since they do not want to carry out recurrent work for zero pay.

Service policy

Ensure you understand the type of services to expect from the service provider before you sign the contract. The services they provide should match with your needs and expectations. You do not want to enter into a contract with a supplier who is only available during official working hours yet you have a 24/7 business. Also, find out if they offer maintenance and servicing on top of repair services. What does the price include and exclude? Look out for any hidden charges.

Opt for a photocopier service supplier with adequate knowledge, readily available, sufficient experience and a good track record with other clients. They should also be vast with fax machines and printers repairs. For more information please visit Global Office Machines.