Photocopier Repairs: Tips to Choose the Right Service Providers

A photocopier is very crucial to the operations of an office. Business can practically halt if the photocopier breaks down. Just imagine if it breaks once every week; this translates to four days in a month and 48 days in a year. Such a loss is very significant when it comes to business. You need to make sure that your photocopier is in proper condition at all times. This can only be achieved by partnering with the right photocopier repairs service provider. A competent photocopier repairer will be available to repair your machine whenever need arises and have the right equipment and expertise to do the work efficiently. You have other machines in your office; the repairer should also have skills in repairing printers, fax machines and other equipment. This article provides some guideline to assist you in selecting the right photocopier repairs service provider.

Physical location

Photocopiers, printers, and fax machines can break down unexpectedly. You need to choose photocopiers and printers services near your workplace. You might think you have found the perfect and cheapest photocopier repair services in Sydney but their advantage is watered down if they are too far from you. Simply look for the best services near you.


You want to deal with a reliable and professional partner. Check their testimonials to verify their reputation. Do clients give positive feedback about their services or are reviews full of complaints? You may also ask for a few telephone numbers of past and current customers. When you call, make sure you ask for the repairer’s competency, availability and integrity.

Availability of parts

The photocopier repairs services will also entail servicing of the machines. Your repairer needs to have stocks of essential parts. This will prevent scenarios where they arrive, inspect the machine and inform you that the parts are only available in the furthest part of Australia or in another part of the globe. The scenario is simply unimaginable. Double check the availability of parts.

Repair guarantee

A reputable photocopier repair provider is willing to guarantee his work. If they guarantee their work for six months, for instance, will they fix a fault that occurs before the period lapses? If yes, will they charge you any amount of money? Most of the time, companies that offer guarantees tend to do excellent work since they do not want to carry out recurrent work for zero pay.

Service policy

Ensure you understand the type of services to expect from the service provider before you sign the contract. The services they provide should match with your needs and expectations. You do not want to enter into a contract with a supplier who is only available during official working hours yet you have a 24/7 business. Also, find out if they offer maintenance and servicing on top of repair services. What does the price include and exclude? Look out for any hidden charges.

Opt for a photocopier service supplier with adequate knowledge, readily available, sufficient experience and a good track record with other clients. They should also be vast with fax machines and printers repairs. For more information please visit Global Office Machines.

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