Kris: The Journey of the Coolest Guy in Cambodia

Cambodia is one of those quiet destinations in South East Asia increasingly being preferred by many expats. Forget Khmer Rouge; the Kingdom has a charming laid-back lifestyle now that is devoid of many pressures from the rest of the world. Many of the expats who stay in Cambodia came here to volunteer or simply found themselves here by accident in their weary wandering across Asia – including our coolest guy in Cambodia – Kris. There is that charming allure of SE Asia that simply refuses to go away even after a century of mystique. Check out the coolest guy in SEO in Cambodia!


Cambodia people are really friendly and warm. The locals are always happy to share in the happiness and the city of Phnom Penh is one that is full of great potential. If you are coming from a high-pressure cooker life in London, Berlin, New York, Tokyo or even Sydney, you will find in Phnom Penh, like much of Cambodia, a welcoming reprieve. It is a place that makes you feel human again and not like some machine powering globalization. There are lots of simple life’s pleasures that you can rediscover here ranging from that simple laugh and genuine interest from people which come deep from the heart to the idyllic lifestyle here. It is just like in the Hollywood movies –with its monsoons, rice, plenty of smiles, enchanting sunsets, and lots of friendly people to complete your life.

One of the wanderers who landed in here is a man we’d say is the coolest guy in Cambodia – Kris Reid! A Brisbane native, Kris is a software engineer who graduated from the Queensland University of Technology and then like most Australians in their 20s, set out to discover the world, including South East Asia. Our coolest guy in Cambodia juggled his love for backpacking with his software engineering and his creativity juices were soon fermenting some cool idea – an online game. That was his first venture into the world of online innovation and entrepreneurship.

With his first venture into online gaming, lots of things followed naturally. Like how to market the online game to the widest audiences. This systematic growth soon led Kris to search engine optimization as he immersed himself with the passion of an IT engineer into discovering how the internet search works. It wasn’t hard really, because he already had a solid grounding in software engineering. read more

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