Dell Printers: Common Problems and How to Fix Them

Dell has a wide range of quality printers. But like other types of printers, they have their share of occasional blips. This is expected in busy office environments. Printer problems can be maddening especially when you are trying to beat a deadline. You are probably in the middle of printing some important reports that need to be on your boss’s desk in the next few minutes. There are Dell printers services in Sydney that you can rely on when the need arises. Even so, some problems are simple and you can fix them yourself. Let’s have a look at some of these common Dell printer problems and ways of fixing them.

When the Printer Won’t Print

This is a common problem and can be caused by a number of factors. If there is no error message displayed on the printer, you might want to check whether the printer is still connected via Ethernet cable or the USB. Check that the Wi-Fi is connected and enabled to the right network if you are using a wireless Dell printer. The problem could also be emanating from the printer drivers – if they have gone out-of-date. If this is the case, visit the Dell website and download the latest drivers. However, if the task is daunting for you, you may also contact any Dell printers services technician or Dell printers repair services to help fix the problem. Click here Printer repairs.

Jamming Papers

Luckily, modern Dell printers are free from the blight of jamming papers, but the problems are bound to occur according to Dell printers services. The major cause of paper jams is improper alignment of papers. In the event of a paper jam, you need to open the inspection cover and find out exactly want is happening. Free the paper gently by unlocking the affected part with the help of the levers provided. When loading paper, weed out dog-eared corners and keep edges square.

When the Printer is Too Slow

Slow printing speed can be quite annoying.  While Dell printers are synonymous with high speed printing, they can sometimes slow down when the work load becomes too much. When this happens, go the printer setting and lower the resolution. This will incredibly increase printing speed.

Wi-Fi Connection Problems

Printing has revolutionized with the invention of wireless printers – thanks to Dell. This makes it possible to send documents to the printer from different electronic devices including mobile phones and tablets. Sometimes, printing using Wi-Fi can be slow. To speed it up, place the router and the printer close to each other. Counter check that the printer is in the pairing mode.

Poor Printer Quality

Perhaps you have just replaced you cartilages, but the problem of poor print quality has popped up. This is an indication of clogging in the print head, and you can solve it yourself. You can clear the clog by spraying ink through the jets. If the blockage does not go away, heat the cartilage gently using a hair dryer. Persistent low quality texts and photos might call for the help of Dell printers services.

For more information on ways of fixing your Dell printer problems, call Printer Repair Center, one of the very best Dell printers repair services in Sydney.

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