4 Reasons to Take Your Kia Picanto to a Service Centre

Whether you have a brand new or second-hand car, say a KIA, there will come a point where you’ll ask yourself whether to take your vehicle to a dealership service centre or a local garage. There are many factors that will convince you that bringing your car to a KIA Picanto service centre is the better option.

  1. Guaranteed expertise and specialisation

Mechanics who work for a dealership service centre and local garages have the same tools to fix cars. However, a KIA Sorento service centre, for example, will have technicians and mechanics that have been specifically trained to deal with cars made by KIA. In other words, you get specialised service from a dealership repair centre.

  1. Built relationship

If you take your car to a trusted KIA Picanto service centre, they will have an accurate and updated record of your service history. This means that they will have a better assessment of your vehicle, saving a lot of time and effort.

Aside from that, bringing your automobile to the same repair shop will save you from the trouble of having conflicting recommendations, service delays, and incorrect diagnostic information. This is because the dealership service shop already has your car’s record, ensuring that there is consistent recordkeeping. Check Toowong Kia for more details.

  1. Warranty

It’s a fact that the warranty that’s given to a brand new Picanto, Sorento, or Carnival will be deemed null and void if you take your car to a repair shop other than a KIA service Australia has. Taking advantage of your vehicle’s warranty will save you money, too. This is because there are certain repairs and maintenance works that are done free of charge. But if you take it to another service centre, you will lose all that privilege and might even be made to pay more.

Once you’ve used up the warranty, you can still get a warranty for new parts and certain services if you get your vehicle fixed at the dealership. Again, this will save you a lot of money in the long run.

  1. Original parts

Another advantage of taking your vehicle to a dealership KIA Cerato service shop is that all replacement parts are recommended by the manufacturer and that they are original. This guarantees a smooth-running vehicle that won’t break down in the middle of the road easily.

Aside from making sure that you only take your Picanto to a KIA Picanto service shop, it’s also important that you go the extra mile to take good care of it, especially if it’s brand new.

For one, make sure that you drive carefully and gently during the break-in period, which is about 1,000 kilometers. During this time, it’s also a must that you keep the engine under 4,000 RPMs. You should also avoid leaving your vehicle idle for an extended time to avoid damaging its engine. Idling can prevent oil from spreading properly throughout the engine.

It’s natural for owners to take extra care with a brand new car’s exterior. But keep in mind that maintaining the condition of what’s under the hood is more important. After all, a car won’t run with a faulty engine.


Let your car Start a New Life, with Skoda Service

A Skoda is a demanding vehicle, but if you have one, you know, that nothing can be compared with it when it comes to comfort and reliability. However, things happen, and even the most reliable car can have a malfunction. What should you do in such case? A reliable Skoda Brisbane service is the solution! Are you in Brisbane now or just passing by? Then, this option is just for you!

Whatever service you usually prefer, your favourite vehicle cannot be maintained or repaired just in any workshop, even though mechanics working there might be among good ones. Skoda superb service can be provided only by a specialized dealer, in their fully equipped workshop.

How to find such one? Usually, they are located in the outskirts of a city and yes, they all have their websites, where you can check not only their address but as well ways how to get there. But before paying a visit there, call them or chat with them and get to know the following:

  • They are specialised in your kind of vehicle. If not, you are risking to lose all warranties that you might have, and, well, you are risking to get your car in a worse condition than it was before.
  • You should know that different kinds of services might be provided in different places. For example, Skoda wheel service can be provided in one facility, while general assessment might be done in a completely different facility.
  • Also, different series can be serviced in different facilities. For example, you can get Skoda Octavia service in Brisbane centre, while air conditioning installation might be performed somewhere in the suburb.
  • They provide a guarantee for at least some works.
  • Ask if they have the parts that you need available. Otherwise, you might end up waiting for ages if they have to order the parts that are missing. By the way, such options as a replacement vehicle could be very useful for such case. Usually, Skoda Brisbane service provides it. Just check if you comply with their requirements.
  • If you have to come at night or get some urgent service, make sure in advance that you can get what you need. You might pay more, but you should agree that sometimes, money doesn’t matter.

Now, you definitely want to find a perfect Skoda Brisbane service, and that is logical because now, you know your requirements. Why not try Brisbane City Skoda? They are an authorised dealer that you are looking for to extend the lifespan of your Skoda car.

They provide the servicing of all kinds of Skoda brand cars, including repair works of any difficulty. They can replace the parts that are failing, make the general assessment of the car condition and do just whatever is needed for your vehicle.

And yes, they have an option of a replacement vehicle! Yep, you must comply with their requirements, but there aren`t so many of them. And finally, they sell new cars, as well. So, if you are simply fed up with your old car, do you think its time to buy a new one?

A 3-step guide to avoid car scammers when buying used cars in Brisbane

Been wanting to get your first car in Brisbane after obtaining your learner’s driving license, but would like to purchase a hand-me-down vehicle? As a young driver, you should know that there are a lot of options Brisbane car yards sell, from new to used cars to pay in installment or cash.]

brisbane car yards

Got your back, mate

In Queensland, it requires learners to have a driving buddy who has a full driver’s license to supervise you on the road. This will have to go on for a 12-month period with a number of restrictions before getting that P plate after your L plate.

Your driving buddy has more experience on the road than you, so you could ask them for a list of trusted Brisbane car yards to visit. While they know almost every ins and outs of car maneuvers, road hand signals, and traffic rules and regulations, it would be very insightful to hear their own opinion on buying second-hand cars.

Learning further

Once you have come up with a list of Brisbane car yards to check out, you can drive to the car dealership with your driving buddy to act as your advisor.

If your driving buddy is busy, you can take a public transportation or call for an Uber to take you to the dealership. However, in appointing for an enquiry about used cars and other car sales, these are some things you should be wary of:

1. Watch out for high interests and hidden charges

Dealers will greet you with a warm welcome and spill the beans about their used cars and discounts from the original prices. If you think its a steal, you should not fall for the trap. Some dealerships offer a vehicle loan with a very high interest—high enough to reach the original selling price of the car—so it’s something you should watch out for.

2. Be very detail-oriented

Being a learner, it is not wrong to dream about having a used Ford Fiesta car for an affordable price. However, when the vehicle has been evidently abused by its owners, like having a broken air conditioner, a leather car sheet that has scratches, or worse, a sputtering sound of the engine when the car is turned on, that is a bad sign. You should turn down the offer because it is a bad deal.

Also, do a little background check about the car. Is it registered? Have it been towed in the past? Was it involved in an accident? Sleuthing for the answers to these questions can save you from having a miserable driving experience for a first-time driver.

3. Avoid sellers who insist to meet in private places

Meeting in private places is a big threat to your safety. As a young driver, you should be very cautious about who to trust. Sellers are most likely strangers, and as your parents say, strangers cannot be trusted especially when they ask to meet in private places.

Crimes have been committed by individuals who prey on the young. It is very important to keep your safety the first priority.

To avoid the risk, search Google “used car dealerships near me” to find trusted dealerships for your car hunting.

Hey, future Brisbane driver

You deserve quality, service, and safety. Visit for more info.